Nica is a human being like many others, but there are many things which set her apart from the rest of them. Some of these things are included bellow.

She has the biggest smile you will ever see, she always wears blue shirts, she likes to read, she has hipster glasses, she doesn't like to eat meat, she likes her balloon friends, she doesn't attend her own surprise party, she wants you to go to the movies with her, she watches some of the same tv shows as you, she likes the cupcake color, she has a great sense of humor, and she is the swan queen.

drawing diosboss | theme heartgrenade | background background labs

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The Princess Club

Episode 24/?

Welcoming Princess Merida into The Princess Club.




Brilliant. Found on Deviantart, by nebriniel.

The more different things are, the more they stay the same.

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Is it just me or was Hans based on Patrick Wilson as Raoul ‘cause…??? damn

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I need to remember these sometimes.

Oddly these have applications outside of parenting as well.

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Merry Christmas.

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Disney Characters Without Their Beards by Annie Erskine

Previously: Disney Princesses With Beards



Artist Zaria Forman

Soft Pastel on Paper

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